8 Month Update


Weight: 20 pounds 10 ounces

Height: 28 1/2 inches

Sleep: we were back to sleeping through the night! Then we got sick again…

Clothes: He is currently wearing 12 month clothes and 18 month clothes still!
Baby Gear loves: Toys & card board boxes. He has all these toys and all he wants to play with are water bottles and cardboard boxes.

Dax’s favorites: Playing patty cake with his pops, being chased, playing peek a boo, mama and daddy. This sweet boy is really starting to show his personality and I just love it. He has gotten to where he lets you know if he really likes something or not!

Dax’s dislikes: Ear infections is still on this list. I’m so ready to be done with these stinkin infections.

Milestones: Dax is now pulling up on EVERYTHING! He loves crawling around and he’s pretty stinkin fast! He lets us know when he wants down and when he’s done eating. He has started belly laughing more and it’s just my absolute favorite!He is also eating finger foods at school, like pancakes, French toast sticks, and some soft veggies!

Eight months have gone by so fast! I honestly can not believe that our sweet boy is already 8 months old. He had his first Thanksgiving and it was so fun to have him there! Holidays with him seem extra sweet and I can not wait until Christmas! He did get to taste some of the yummy thanksgiving foods, but only the soft ones! Dax is showing his personality more and more and he seems definitely opinionated! He is so fast and crawls faster than we can run sometimes. He is just like a little sponge, soaking everything in, and learning so fast! Dax has been on a lot of medicine lately. Yes, he has yet ANOTHER double ear infection, but this time he also has a sinus infection added on. He is such a trooper and takes those meds like a champ. This time we have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks and at that point we might have to talk about tubes. They said he has been on so many antibiotics for so long that we can not keep doing that. ( Cue all the worries.) Even though he is sick he has still been pretty happy. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. We are so blessed to have such a happy baby.I believe that he is finally starting to feel better. Now for my favorite part…. PICTURES




7 Month Update

Weight: 20 pounds 1 ounces
Height: 27 3/4 inches
Sleep: We were sleeping through the night! Until we got sick… Since we got sick we are waking up EVERY night SEVERAL times a night. This mama is so tired.

Clothes: He is currently wearing 12 month clothes and 18 month clothes.

Baby Gear loves: ALL the toys and ALL the packs. This boy has all of the sudden become attached to his Paci! We tried a new Paci from little giant kids and he is in love. He is also still really into his walkers!



here you can see that sweet face with his new paci!

Dax’s favorites:

Crawling Dax’s dislikes: Ear infections. stomach virus. Ok seriously this whole getting sick thing is for the birds. Mama, Dax, and Daddy are so over it. Dax also seems to dislike pumpkin patches and sitting in pumpkins. (However that makes for some REALLY cute picture! Therefore I have no regrets.)

Milestones: Dax spent the night away from Mama and Daddy for the first time. He stayed with his Mom while we got to have a hunting getaway. Dax has also started to feed himself puffs and yogurt bites. He also had a bite of scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes! He is crawling as fast as lightning and getting into everything under the moon! TEETH. Dax is also starting to get some teeth in in the bottom!

This month has brought on a new set of challenges, a whole new meaning to mama is tired, and a lot of fun all at the same time. Fall is starting to feel real, and I am just beyond excited to start this holiday season with our new little man. We have already began the Halloween festivities and I must say that we have the cutest skunk in existence! Dax is so fun to watch grow but I just think that if he could stay little forever that would also be ok with me! Some days I wake up and think wow you grew over night. Maybe I should just stop putting him to bed. Lol. School is also still his thing. He loves playing with his friends. Yes, 7 month olds have friends. They get excited to see each other and some of his friends cry when I go pick Dax up for the day. He is such a happy baby and we are so lucky and blessed that we get to call him ours.

We love you baby boy. Cheers to 7 months with our little cowboy:






6 month update

Weight: 18 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 27 3/4 inches

We didn’t seem to grow as much this month! 
Sleep: Dax usually still is waking once a night to nurse but as soon as he is done nursing he is right back to sleep. He is also pretty much like clock work on bed time + when he wakes up.

Clothes: He is currently wearing 12 month clothes and 18 month clothes some. 9 month clothes are out the door!

Baby Gear loves: his walkers. This baby loves his walkers! He has gotten good at navigating those suckers too. He started out slow but now he can run full tilt in his walkers! He also seems to think that the trash can is an acceptable toy for him to play with…


Dax’s favorites: playing. He loves to play! He also loves food. He like allllll food (except apples and bananas). Sometimes he will be hungry and if I try to nurse and it’s not what he wants he will just cry until we give him food. Butternut squash is his current favorite food.

Dax’s dislikes: Ear infections. (Yes we are still battling these.) Dax has also started to dislike when mama or daddy leave.

Milestones: We did not hit a ton of milestones this month. Dax is officially on the move and army crawling like a pro. It is only a matter of days before he is just plain crawling. (Poor baby has a lot of weight to hold up!) We have tried a lot of new foods and food combinations and Dax loves them all. Dax also has started going from a crawling position to sitting up alllll on his own. He’s not doing this consistently yet, but hey he’s still doing it so I’m still putting it down!

I honestly can not believe we are already 6 months in. I love you more and more each day. Dax shows more and more or his personality every day. He still loves school. A lot. He is about to move up classes at school and that is a bittersweet feeling. He loves being around his mama and daddy the most but he also loves seeing his aunts, uncles, and grandparents all the time. Every month seems harder to write these posts. Simply because I do not want my baby boy to be growing up. I want him to stay little forever. Dax has had his second double ear infection this month. However you would have never even knew he was sick. He is still as happy as ever. 

Here’s to 6 months with the sweetest, cutest, happiest baby that I have ever seen (yes I know I’m biased and no I do not care):

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5 month update

Weight: 18 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 27 3/4 inches

Sleep: Lately Dax has been sick… so his sleep schedule is pretty much out the window right now.

Clothes: He is currently wearing 12 month clothes and sometimes I can squeeze him into 9 month outfits. He also has some 18 month outfits that fit him now too!

Baby Gear loves:

Indestructible books. We got them as a gift from Little Giant Kids and he loves them! These books he can chew on and wave around and not hurt them one bit! I want every. Single. One. Our other must have: his paci! This boy suddenly loves his paci:

Dax’s favorites: Dax really loves people. In fact there isn’t a person he’s met yet that he didn’t like. (He gets that from his daddy.) he will go to anyone and loves to smile at anyone who will look. He LOVES playing and he loves seeing his teachers and other kiddos at school!

Here is a first day of school picture, last month it was Dax’s first day of daycare and now its mamas first day back to school and he was less excited for this…

Dax’s dislikes: Ear infections. Coughing. Being sick. Who likes those things anyways I mean let’s be real.

Milestones: Dax is on the move. He isn’t crawling yet but he can get places he wants to go! He is still working hard at crawling and scooting. He can also sit up like a pro! He is not wobbly when he sits up and he loves being upright! Dax also started sleeping in his big boy bed. He doesn’t stay there all night but (when he’s not sick) he stays there until about 2:30! He also has started to eat baby food!! He loves it. Dax also wore shoes for the first time this month. I know that’s crazy but his little feet are so chubby most of his shoes just don’t fit. DAX ALSO SAYS MAMA. Yes you read that right. He says mama and it makes my heart swell up like nobodies buisness!

This past month was so fun but also hard. Dax got his first double ear infection and that is just the worst. He has been snotty (literally snot everywhere) and in a lot of pain. We’ve been to the doctor twice and hopefully this new medicine they gave us will kick this infection out! This sweet boy has grown so much and I just can’t believe it! He is still teething and growing like a weed. I can not imagine life without him. He loves hard, laughs, and has the sweetest personality. He loves to go places and see things. I hope he never loses those things. So grateful to be this boys mama.


Here is to 5 months baby boy:

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4 Month Update

Weight: 17 pounds 8 ounces
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Sleep: Lately Dax has still been waking at 12:30 and 4:30 to nurse. However while he had a cold he was waking up VERY frequently. He would wake every 1-2 hours and nurse or need the snot sucked out. (Gross I know!)
Clothes: He is currently wearing 9-12 month clothes, with the occasional (bigger) 6 month outfit, but really that’s just because I love the outfit and I’m not ready to give it up.
Baby Gear loves:
Our biggest must have right now is toys. This boy is really starting to want to play! He loves his toy at gmoms that plays music and has 360 degrees of fun. He also loves his books that he plays with at his grandmas house that play music! He pretty much loves all things that make a sound! We also couldn’t make it these days without one of these:

Dax will sit in this and play while Mama gets ready or cooks! It’s great! I just give him some toys and boom hands free to get ready!
Dax’s favorites: Bath time is pretty much a given now. Dax also really seems to love to talk a lot, but his all time favorite time to talk is during church. He talks during prayer, songs, and preaching. I like to think he’s praising the Lord in his own 4 month old kind of way. He loves music and sometimes lately even seems to try to wiggle to the music! Dax really loves to sit up and attempt to stand up! He loves rice cereal (we just started that) and nursing. He also loves going to school! He really loves his teachers and playing with the other babies. Dax also loves when his lolly “rubs his gums” because “they itch.”

Here is a first day of school picture:

Dax’s dislikes: Dax does not like to lay down. Unless he’s sleeping obviously. He does not like for his feet to be tickled and for mama to get too carried away when she’s taking his pictures.
Milestones: Dax has had several milestones this month! His biggest one: DAYCARE. Yes, he finally started day care. I am so glad he could start before I started school because it is an adjustment for both of us! That first day was rough, and honestly I cried. For hours. We made it through though and it has really been great for him! Dax also is now rolling over like nobodies buisness. You can not leave him anywhere unattended because he will literally roll right off! (No that hasn’t happened yet..thank goodness!) Dax also has started eating rice cereal with a spoon! I’d say he’s doing pretty stinkin good with that too! His hand eye coordination is getting better each day. He can now pick up toys and yank mamas hair (very hard) at will. He can scoot on his back and tries so hard to scoot on his belly.

*also Dax started rolling over this month!!!*

I really can’t believe I’m here writing about another month that has gone past. Each month I say this (and honestly I’m sure I will keep saying this forever) I just want time to slow down. I love watching him grow, but holy moly I want him to stay my baby boy forever. This big boy is really showing little interest in crawling and more interest in standing. His daddy keeps saying maybe we will skip crawling and go straight to walking! However today (7-27) he started acting like he wants to crawl! He was putting his knees up under himself and trying to scoot. He is changing so rapidly and this mama is not ready for all the change. I do love watching him grow and learn but holy moly these days are going too fast. Also today his teachers told me at school he’s teething. Wait. What? My 4 month old is teething. This can’t be.

Here are his sweet 4 month pictures:
*disclaimer: as always there will be a lot of pictures to follow*

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Family, Fireworks, & Fiancés


My sister is engaged y’all. I could not be more excited for you B. This 4th of July is going to be a hard one to beat. We successfully surprised her. The whole evening she was under the impression that this was a gender reveal party. Little did she know we were all there to celebrate her and her new Fiancé! Instead of giving a blow by blow of the events I will leave it to you to watch the video:

I also had the privilege to take some pictures of the newly engaged afterwards, and lets just say my heart is exploding with joy. Here are just a few of those gems:

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The rest of the night was filled with laughs, food and family. The boys spent a chunk of the evening at the tank setting off fireworks. The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed that! I did not get a lot of pictures from the rest of the night, because let’s be real the engagement was way more important!

Photo dump from the rest of the night:

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 3 month update

 Weight: 16 pounds 2 ounces

 Height: 25 inches

Sleep: Dax has been sleeping  pretty good lately. He sleeps till about 4:30 before waking up to nurse. He sometimes wakes up at 12:30ish to nurse as well, but he doesn’t do that every night. He still wakes up for the day between 6-7. 

Clothes: He is currently wearing 6-9 month clothes, with the occasional (bigger) 3-6 month outfit. 

Baby Gear loves:

Our biggest must have right now is blankets and his rabbit. Dax loves to hold onto blankets! All blankets! He also loves to put the blankets in his mouth. Dax got a stufffed bunny for Easter that he has with him every time he gets in the car seat. He will literally play with that rabbit for 30 min. Which is a long time for a 13 week old!!

Dax’s favorites: Dax still loves his bath time, maybe even more so now. Blayze got him an otteroo and to say he loves it is an understatement. OUTSIDE. This boy loves all things outside. He always has but he is even to where he wants his window down in the car! In fact sometimes he will cry until I roll his window down. Sammie. This boy loves our cat and he is just amazed with her. However he did pull her hair the other day. This freaked me out, but she just looked at him and gently meowd.  She showed no anger towards him, in fact she snuggled right up to him after that. 

Dislikes: morning naps. I’m having trouble thinking of something else to put here because he is in general such a happy baby. 

I honestly can not believe we have had 3 months with this sweet boy. Although it may be cheesy to say this… we are so blessed that God gave us you. I am so thankful for good health and all the experiences we’ve had is far. Yes, even those tough nights. I never knew love like this and let me tell you, it’s just the bees knees. 

Every day I wake up and I feel like Dax has grown into a big boy. He’s getting taller and chubbier (I didn’t think he could but he is). Dax loves to be held facing out so he can watch what’s going on. His favorite thing lately is watching birds in grandmas back yard. He is full of smiles, joy, and a sprinkle of pouty faces. He has recently move out of his arms up swaddle to his zipadee zip and from his blooming bath to the regular tub. These are all indicators that this boy is growing and it’s making this mama sad. 

Summer time is in full swing here in Texas. Which means it’s hot. Very hot. So when it’s cool in the mornings we take a ride (to get mama coffee) with the windows rolled down. He has a new found love for the windows down and wants that to happen every time he’s in the car. In the afternoon if it’s hot and we need to walk we just go to the mall! Any excuse to walk around Dillard’s for 2 1/2 hours. Right ladies?! 


Dax laughed for the first time where sound came out. He’s only done this a few times. He tries to laugh so hard I have a feeling it will be here before we know it. Also his hair is REALLY starting to come back in. His hair appears to be red and I am loving it. Dax is also dangerously close to rolling over. He’s rolled over once before but I am pretty confident it was not on purpose. He is consciously trying to roll over. Dax also went on his first swim. His aunt hay hay took him in the pool and he did not like it (see video below) but daddy got in with him and he tolerated it. He has also taken his first bath in the big boy bathtub! Blayze got him an otteroo and he loved it. 

Also here is the video of the sneeze I was talking about in last months post. This is not one of the best ones but it’s better than nothing. 

Here are his sweet 3 month pictures:

*disclaimer: there will be a lot of pictures to follow*




All of those things make for the perfect weekend. Dax got to meet his great Mamo and great aunt Kristi for the first time this weekend! He also got to see all his favorite people (minus his lolly) this weekend. We spent our Saturday morning with pops since it was his birthday. It was a perfect rainy Saturday morning. Rainy weather calls for naps. Right?!

So that’s exactly what Dax and daddy did (and sammie). Nap. While I did not nap myself I did get some things around the house done!

Fast forward to Saturday evening. Dax’s papa was playing and singing at a crawfish boil at a local restaurant. We went and Dax slept through the first 45 minuets. It was loud there and he slept right through the noise! We ate crawfish until our bellies were stuffed.

Sunday was just a continuance of the perfect weekend. We tried a new church that is downtown (The Well). Then made our way to gmom and pops house to celebrate pops birthday with the whole family. We literally were surrounded by family all weekend. I can not think of a better way to spend the weekend. Short blog post, but this would have made for an extremely long Facebook post.

Now for the photo dump from the weekend:


2 month update

 Weight: 15 pounds 2 ounces
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Sleep: Dax has started to sleep until 2:30 ish until he wakes up to nurse. He then sleeps until about 5 before he nurses again and sleeps until 6:30 which is when he wakes up for the day.  *however last night this was not the case…*
Clothes: He is currently wearing 3-6 month clothes still. They are starting to get tight though! Some of them he can’t wear anymore! I honestly wake up every day and think he looks so much bigger than the day before. 
Baby Gear loves:
Our biggest must have right now is the moby wrap and advent pacis. The moby wrap has made my life easier! I just wrap him up and wear him around the house! The other day he helped me cook.. ok really he napped while I cooked.. I even got to eat before he woke up. As for the pacis, I wanted so bad for him to take a different kind of paci, but nope he has a mind of his own. (Wonder where he gets that from…) Even with these pacis he doesn’t just want it all the time but he has gotten better about taking one everyday!  Also his mamaroo has been great lately. Yesterday I put him in and turned it on and he slept long enough for momma to get a good workout in! 

Dax’s favorites: BATH TIME. This boy loves his bath. He can be screaming and as soon as you turn on the water for his bath he instantly stops. He also has discovered himself in the mirror and he thinks that’s pretty funny (see video below). Dax is also fond of car rides, trips to academy, and snuggles with anyone who will give them. Dax also loves for people to sing to him, I don’t even sound close to good but he doesn’t seem to mind. 

Dislikes: he still fights sleep like nobodies business. Dax also can not stand hats. Every single time I try to put one on him he cries, you would think his world is ending. He also still dislikes bath time ending, and not being able to be outside 24/7. 
Dax has grown so much over the last month I just can’t believe it. I love getting to watch him grow but I also miss him being so little. I know he’s still little but I’m trying to enjoy every day (even the fussy and hard ones). Dax’s hair is starting to grow back and it’s still red! It looks really red when you get him out in the sun. I hope his hair stays red because it’s just so cute. His sweet personality is starting to show and I just can’t take the squealing noise he occasionally makes when he tries to laugh. However the one thing I haven’t gotten on video that I hope I never forget is the noise he makes when he sneezes. He yells really loud right before he sneezes and it’s just the cutest! He also has started to laugh and let’s just say that it’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. 

I also had to return to work two weeks ago and leave him with some family members. I thought that would be the hardest thing ever and it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. He was 7 weeks and he loved staying with his aunts and grandmas. Now summer is starting and I get to stay home with him again! 

1 Month Update

Weight: 12 pounds 4 ounces

Height: 23 inches

Sleep: Dax will usually sleep for 6 hours, wake up to eat, then sleep another 4 hours! This just started about a week and a half ago, and let me just say it is glorious! 

Clothes: He is currently wearing 3-6 month clothes! How is that possible my little 1 month old baby is wearing 3-6 month clothes?! He’s a big boy, but we already knew that from the get go!

Baby Gear loves:

Our biggest must have right now is his arms up swaddle! Dax did not like the convintional swaddling method. He could always find his way out of them, even the ones where he was all velcroed in. He would get his arms out and flail them around, waking himself up. When we would even try to swaddle him he would just cry! We went to our local kids store (Lite Giant Kidz) and got the Love to Dream arms up swaddle. He can sleep now without constantly waking himself up! It’s magical. 

Dax also looks pretty cute in these swaddles!

Milestones/Firsts: on Tuesday (4/25/17) Dax started smiling. He smiled a lot that day and has occasionally done it since! He used to smile when he has gas only but these smiles lately are intentional! It’s just the sweetest!

Likes: EATING (a lot!), cuddling momma and daddy, being outside, bath time is his absolute favorite (he would stay in the bath all night if we would let him), car rides, sleeping with his arms up

Dislikes: getting out of the bath (he cries every single time like it’s the worst possible thing we could have done to him), going to sleep (once he’s asleep he is fine but he fights sleep like there is no tomorrow), 

Things I Don’t Want to forget:

  • Dax makes the sweetest faces and has such a big personality already! This is my favorite face so far and he makes it all the time:
  • In the middle of the night feeding are bittersweet. I would love to be asleep, however when he’s looking at me with his big eyes and so happy I feel like my heart might literally explode. Some of my favorite moments have been during these feedings! 
  • I also hope I never forget his litttle noises he makes so here is a few videos of my favorite noises:​​​
  • Dax loves to sleep with his arms up even when he’s not in his swaddle I mentioned before and it’s just the cutest:

Now for the photo dump: